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Malaysian Economy Welcomes Business Investments

Malaysia is an average economy that promotes business and other investments. Studies reveal that Malaysia has the third highest GDP per capita among the south East Asian countries. Its development was truly slow in the initial years. However it transformed itself into a multi sector economy during the 1990′s. The economic growth of the country has been mainly due to the export of electronic goods.

The economy of the country is known to be stable as it has good foreign exchange reserves. Starting a business and investing in business in Malaysia may not be as simple as it seems. There are many points to be considered before investing in any business in the country. There are a number of stages involved in this.

The first and foremost thing that has to be done is to submit the necessary documents to SSM for processing. It is important to conduct a name search before you begin with other procedures and make sure that the name is approved by SSM. After the name is approved by SSM, you will have to submit certain other documents to the SSM. Apart from submitting your identification cards and other proof certificates, you will also have to get certain certificates approved by government officials. After going through all the formalities, you will have to deposit a fee of RM1000 towards SSM. Malaysian government and economy supports any kind of businesses.

There are a lot of business opportunities in Malaysia and a great opportunity that you can grab is in the field of web hosting. This is the cheapest in the whole of south East Asia. Moreover labor costs are also low here. Apart from this, internet charges are low and the access to internet is faster than any other South East Asian countries. If you study the market, you will realize that there are at least 100 web hosting companies here in Malaysia. The truth is simply that these companies are not just making profits to get them growing, but are also paying handsome salaries to their employees.

Of course owning a business may not be very simple; however the secret is to keep going even during hurdles and troubles. The economy of the country is flourishing so much that it will be extremely rewarding to run a business in the country. Whether you are a citizen of the country or a foreigner, you will have to understand the economy before you venture out on your projects.

How to Keep Your Spouse Safe in Business

As a structuring adviser to investors and business owners we often come across a widespread mistake that many people make.

That is a spouse being offered as a guarantor to the financial institution, landlords or creditors of a business. Often their personal guarantee is even needed for the agreement to proceed yet it is given.

Why? Because the advisers do not defend you and point out that it’s not required.

The upshot is that if total business or investment collapse happens, both spouses are fully liable rather than just one. Sure, the creditor, bank or landlord asking for your spouses guarantee will explain it is necessary 100%.

This is because it is in their. Yet it is not in your interests. My advice is NEVER give your spouses guarantee in business or property transactions if you can keep away from it.

I have developed over 80 million dollars in property, and guaranteed a number of numerous business and banking obligations, purchased multiple investment properties, – and my wife has never signed a personal guarantee on the transactions. Why?

To protect her from the potential risk and obligation. How did I avoid her being liable? By saying ‘no’ to the banks and creditors when they asked. Did it interfere with her legal or matrimonial rights to recuperate the property if we separated?

No, — she still receives the assets because she jointly controls the Trusts and numerous borrowing. This is not about removing power away from your spouse and potentially wealth, it is simply to do with reducing your risk to your family.

Examples of this include:

1. Borrowing funds from a lender to buy an investment property or even your family home. If one spouse is a homemaker, has no income or their income is not required to meet debt servicing criteria of the bank, then why allow the bank to take their guarantee?

The only purpose of the guarantee will be to use more pressure to your household if you have difficulty, and both spouses go bankrupt rather than one (which may be viewed as malicious in this light).

2. Handling land-lords when it comes to commercial leases and guarantees. Ensure you attempt to divide leases out into separate ‘tenancy companies’ and make one spouse a director of this company.

Your opening position should be no personal guarantee, and if ‘no personal guarantee’ is a deal breaker with the landlord, then only the director/one spouse gives a guarantee.

Try not to give an unlimited guarantee, limit it to say XX months rent, or a fixed sum as a cap.

3. Dealing with creditors over personal guarantees. Creditors in business will normally ask for a personal guarantee.

Decline to give it if you can get away with it, and most of the time you can. Where you have to give one, just as with a landlord ‘limit the guarantee’.

In summary, protect your spouse from liability if you can help it. Personal guarantees and spouses should not go together. If you are negotiating with a landlord or creditor as a business owner and have to supply a guarantee, try not to give a guarantee at all, or limit the guarantee to a fixed sum

(Eg: 6 months rent. If your spouse has no income, you should be able to avoid their guarantee being given to a lender/bank)

Try using a mortgage broker to achieve this. Usually the banks (if dealing direct) will be very difficult to manage on this issue, especially in this recessionary climate.

I Have $1,000 to Invest – The Ultimate Online Money-Making Headstart

If you wake up one morning, look at your bank balance and find yourself in a space where you can confidently acclaim, “I have $1,000 to invest”, then you are well on your way to financial freedom, even though $1,000 might not seem to be a lot in other people’s books.

$1,000 is a great starting point, from which to kick-start your investment exploits, as it is neither too much to risk losing, nor is it too little to be insignificant in the facilitation favorable returns and ultimately profits.

There are many ways in which one can invest a thousand but, the one vehicle which has the most allure would be making use of the internet as your market.

If you look at it from the point of view of a business mind, the World Wide Web is merely a representation of what real life would so dearly love to be like, in all respects.

People can re-invent themselves online, via the use of aliases, masks and pseudo-characters, manifested in so many different ways.

Companies can facilitate their representation in a positive light, offering value in information, which is rather simple to procure and it costs them next to nothing.

Most importantly, the average John Smith can also re-invent himself and become a business tycoon or mogul, online, making use of the mere fact that the internet is a representation of what real life would love to be like.

Think about the world of electronic commerce — it is no different from the physical world. In the physical world, the simple laws of economics apply in any trade, if you want to make money you have to supply a product or service which fills a need; supply-and-demand.

Exactly the same applies in cyber space — a lot of money circulates online with people buying products and services in the same way as it happens in the physical world. The only difference is that of speed. Online trading is like offline trading on steroids — things happen faster than the speed of sound online which means if you have the right product or service to offer, you could be raking in money, in its multiples, all day everyday, without ever having to lift a finger further.

The wonderful world of electronic commerce has brought with it a lot of new age millionaires who simply took a crack at making money online and taking advantage of the technological exploits of this era we are residing in.

Under no circumstances should anyone think it is very easy though, since it does take a combination of hard work and dedication, to get things up and running in the beginning, and if you don’t have the will, desire and patience to endure a period of trial and error, which can sometimes prove to be very frustrating, you can burnout before you even come out of the starting blocks.

Fortunately though, just as it is in the physical world, there are some shortcuts to setting up your very own electronic commerce structure and you don’t have to go through the daunting process of hiring a web developer and copywriter, you can simply purchase Master Resale Rights (MRR) to digital products which already exist, inclusive of ready-made sales pages and marketing material.