Buying Platinum Jewelry As an Investment

Investing in a precious metal like platinum can be a good long-term hedge against the volatility of the stock market, and there are many ways to invest in it. One of the best ways is to buy jewelry made from pure platinum. This allows you to hold a valuable commodity as well as wear a beautiful piece of jewelry – sort of like having your cake and eating it too!

Here are some great reasons to buy platinum jewelry as an investment:

  • The strength of platinum allows jewelers to make quite intricate, yet extremely durable, pieces without mixing in other metals. Thus, you can have a piece that is practical both as jewelry and as a bullion-type investment.
  • Platinum is about 30 times more rare than gold, yet is usually valued in the same general price range. Since it is so rare and so useful, many people believe that platinum could drastically increase in value in the coming years.
  • Platinum is stronger and more durable than either silver or white gold, and is impervious to rust or tarnish, and so is a great alternative to these metals as jewelry.
  • Platinum is important in the auto industry, for use in anti-pollution devices. As environmental regulations get stricter over the years, the value of platinum should continue to rise. And as emerging markets like China and India continue their explosive growth (car sales in China grew by more than 50% in 2009), the demand for platinum will continue to grow as well. All these factors point to a steady increase in the value of platinum jewelry in the coming years.

Financing Your Business With Vendors

Vendors are critical partners having the ability to seriously help or hinder your business. A good relationship with a vendor will help with cash flow, assist in quality service with your customers, and help you reduce the struggles of managing inventory. A bad relationship with a vendor can cause several headaches including seriously hurting the lifeblood of your business, your cash flow. Most business buyers never consider partnering with their vendors to finance their purchase. Here are a few ideas on how to work with vendors in financing a new acquisition.

1. Extend your terms – If you purchase a business that has a heavy need to work with vendors you maybe able to get your vendors to extend your terms after your acquisition. This can allow your business the ability to free up critical cash flow. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an increase in cash flow will pay for you acquisition. It may help with the temporary lull in business that naturally occurs after the change on ownership. One of my students got a primary vendor to extend his terms from net 30 to a one year, no payment no interest relationship. This worked well for my student and the vendor had established a relationship that can potentially last a lifetime.

2. Sharing a letter of credit – Depending on what type of vendor you have (and your relationship with them) occasionally vendors will be willing to extend or share a letter of credit with a client to help them. For example, a construction company that needs materials such as granite countertops maybe able to go to a granite wholesaler and in lieu of a profit they could share a portion of their letter of credit to finance a portion of the construction. Obviously the vendor would be compensated by future business and a spread on the letter of credit.

3. Trade services for materials or like-kind services- A general contractor could offer to trade services for materials. A grocery store could share space for warehousing with a food supplier in lieu of product. The possibilities are endless.

4. Equity investors – Vendors frequently become squeamish of investing in clients because there can be a change in the perception of the relationship. I think that this can be a perfect marriage between two businesses if it is done correctly and with consideration. For example, a struggling business has past due debt to a smaller vendor. A new party could acquire the business and share a portion of the stock in the company to resolve the past due debt. Vendors are not in the habit of investing in their clients; however there can be a time and a place where it is necessary for the survival of all parties.

5. Leaseback strategies- This is a strategy you can use with equipment vendors. An existing business owns $200,000 in equipment. You sell the equipment to the equipment vendor and in turn leaseback to you. Consequently you free up cash to assist in your business purchase.

Business and Investment Options in Latvia for Immigrants

Latvia is definitely developing into a prospective attractive Business and Investment destination. There has been a credible FDI track record to boast of along-with pro-business policy. There is an ever growing list of Options and venues for Immigrants aspiring to shift their establishment and money to this east European country.

Over last decade this Baltic state has witnessed an increasingly fast economic development and progress in various sectors. Authorities have appreciated vital and crucial role played by foreign funds and expertise in advancement of domestic economy.

There are multiple venues at disposal for people willing to invest money and entrepreneurial skills in country. Opportunities include a range of openings in traditional as well as contemporary industrial set-ups.

Most prominent of options this country presents is Information technology. Today this industry presents itself as a predominant sector of economic emancipation of Latvia. This sector is a major contributor to national GDP to extent of 2%. This former USSR state today ranks among top 15 leading IT centers around the globe and offers a well trained and educated work force with multi lingual capabilities. There is thrust to establish micro organizations which employ less than 10 employees. This presents a valid opportunity for migrants with fair amount of financial credentials.

Authorities are also emphasizing on development of this sector through positive and promotional policies such as implementing IT working procedures in governmental and other public establishments.

Renewable and recyclable energy generation sector is another major venue with abundance of possibilities and potential. Today this Baltic state is rated among the best nations in EU with an increasing potential for green and renewable energy generation’s capacity a well established infrastructure surely makes this sector a profitable area for business.

Latvian health care is a shrinking sector and in national expenditure ranks among lowest in EU. In turn, this provides an ample Potential for private players an attractive Option for Migrants. As far as trained workforce is concerned there is a presence of well educated medical professionals who could facilitate development of medical tourism in this region.

Traditional industries like chemical, machinery, electronics and metal working have been primary industrial players contributing actively in enhancing productivity of economy. Locational advantages, past innovations and availability of cheap raw material have been properly manifested into modern avatar of industry with a major shift in priorities. These venues have been growing up constantly into major attractions for Foreign Investors and Businessmen. Aided by lowest wages and dedicated and trained labor Latvia’s major industrial sectors like these are appropriate venues that can bring in rich returns.

Transport and logistics present diverse Opportunities for Business and Investment. Latvia offers a well developed rail, road, air and sea based logistics infrastructure, which is amplified by geographical location on the east west and north south corridor of Europe.